I should have written this post few minutes after the El Clasico. A draft was already done, but I preferred to expect a couple of days. The Crash of the Titans has brought up many questions for the last weeks, even months. Who is who in Spanish La Liga? I think today everything is completely clear. FC Barcelona makes the rules. Also I must admit that if the defending champion will lose in any way its 19th title, this would happen because of its own fault and not for the reason that Real Madrid is a better squad. I really enjoy Barça’s style. It’s amazing! They play like extraterrestrials, if those know how to play football (soccer). Today they are very close to the Golden Strike: National Championship and Champions League. Particularly for me a strong interest represent the CL semifinal against Internazionale Milano. I would remind that in the Group Stage the Catalonians defeated Inter 2:0 in the second match. In the first one they agreed on a draw. Mourinho for sure learned the lesson, so it will be a different play. Otherwise the Portuguese Coach seems to be very close to Real Madrid, which President Florentino Perez is looking to replace Manuel Pellegrini. On Facebook, Real Madrid supporters say Mourinho should change his philosophy to an attacking one, for being accepted on Santiago Bernabeu.
So here’s my question: “Is there any team which could stop Barça”?

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